A History of Lum and Abner

Probably some of you are not a bit interested in learning a thing more than you already know about this old time radio show. So, this is for those of us who are die-hard "Lum and Abner" fans, and also for the ones who are only mildly interested!

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Lum and Abner Trivia

I love collecting trivia about Lum and Abner, and the other folks who inhabited the small town of Pine Ridge, as I listen to episodes of this wonderful old show. This website is where I keep my "collection". Links on the sidebar under "Down in Pine Ridge" and "Wit and Wisdom" will allow you to access some of the fun stuff I've "jotted down" over the years. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Lum and Abner Online

The "golden age of radio" may be many years in the past, but many of the shows from those years are still alive and well on the internet! You can listen to and download literally hundreds of shows for FREE from many different places online. Just do a search for "old time radio" or check out the links under "Listen Online" on the sidebar.

If you are a fan of Lum and Abner please mark your location with a pin on the Frappr Map... and feel free to join us for lively discussion on the Lum and Abner Yahoo Group! You'll also enjoy visiting some of the other fan pages under "Links" on the sidebar.

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